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Your Foundation...Your Future

The Rick VanStory Resource Center (RVRC) was founded by former mental health consumers who recognized the urgent need for a recovery-oriented peer center for people with psychiatric disabilities. RVRC empowers individuals to access the resources and services they need to build independent, satisfying life in the community through the support of their peers in an environment that is free of stigma.

Open to all mental health consumers in Delaware, RVRC receives support from the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services – Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health


Welcoming and Helping all that have been affected by Mental Illness.


A great leader once said, “Come to me ALL who are weary and burden and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

The BEAMAN’S SAFE SPACE is open to all that are homeless and in need of a “safe space” to rest at night, regardless of your religion, sexuality or criminal record. If this is a service you are in need of, report to The RICK VANSTORY RESOURCE CENTER at 500 WEST 2ND STREET, WILMINGTON, DE. Intake hours beginning at 1:00PM – 3:00PM.

Each Overnight Guest is limited to 1 bag which will be locked up and secured in our outside storage. Guest must check in to the RVRC by 7PM and will check out by 5:30AM the following morning.

Crossroads of Delaware

The Rick VanStory Resource Center has partnered with Crossroads of Delaware in order to provide professional services for individuals suffering reoccurring substance abuse issues and mental health disorders. Click Here to view Brochure

2:13 p.m., Feb. 10, 2015--Until recently, 23-year-old Armendraiz had never had a comprehensive physical — not even when he played high school football in Texas.
But last month, the self-professed drifter made an appointment with nurse practitioner Julia Jordan at the Rick VanStory Resource Center (RVRC), a recovery-oriented peer center for people with psychiatric disabilities in Wilmington, Delaware....Read More

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Who was "Rick" Vanstory Ricardo?

...He was born March 23,1962, and began working as a case manager for Horizon House Delaware in June of 2003. Over the next four years, Rick consistently demonstrated the dedication, compassion, and enormous heart that made all the difference in the lives of the participants he served, that inspired his coworkers to do their best each and every day, and that fostered leadership and empowerment among all who knew him. Even as he courageously faced the bone cancer that would claim his life, Rick remained a constant source of hope and strength; paired with the dignity and grace with which he lived every day of his life, these qualities are the legacy he has left us. Rick passed away on July 23,2007, but his memory lives on through the work we continue in his spirit, and the building we dedicate in his name, on the day that would havebeen his 47th birthday: The Rick van Story Resource Center, established March 23, 2009.

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