Announcing SafeSpace Delaware (SSDE)


SafeSpace Delaware (SSDE) 

                                                            (Formerly RVRC)

As part of re-branding our image and mission, we present to the public, “SafeSpace Delaware (SSDE)”. As in recovery, individuals begin an arduous journey of life changing processes, SafeSpace DE is beginning a new chapter by revising, enhancing, and improving our image and broadening our mission.

Mission Statement: The mission of SafeSpace Delaware is to provide a safe environment and restore hope and stability to the most vulnerable and underserved.

Program Focus: SafeSpace Delaware’s programs and services focus on adults who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, and adults dealing with mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders.

Values: Caring, Empathy, Trust & Transparency

                                            SafeSpace (SSDE) Recovery Day Rally

Recovery Month, as a part of recognizing this annual event, SafeSpace Delaware and SODAT Delaware will co-host their seventh annual Recovery Month Rally. The purpose of our annual event is to increase the awareness of substance abuse, mental health treatment, recovery and available resources.

 We are joining forces with the national theme, “Join The Voices for Recovery, Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, & Community”. In the news, we hear how Opioid use has become an epidemic. Reports of drug related crime, violence and death is affecting Wilmington and communities nationwide. Please join us on September 28, 2018 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in offering, “A MESSAGE OF HOPE” to those still suffering and struggling with active addiction, untreated mental health and homelessness!!!!!!!

                        SSDE @ 500 W. 2nd Street, Wilmington, DE 302-691-7946 x 107

UPDATE - RVRC Services Extended by DSAMH through December 2018

To Community Service Providers & Community Members,

It is with great pleasure and excitement to inform all of you, that DSAMH has extended both of our contracts through December 2018J During this transition period, we will be seeking new funding opportunities with an emphasis on sustaining our peer recovery emergency and residential housing programs and exploring new partnerships with willing community service providers. Effective immediately, please continue to utilize our services as you have done previously and we will reciprocate. Thanking all of you for your well wishes and support of our mission and services.

 Kindest regards, 

 Tony & RVRC Board


SafeSpace Delaware (SSDE) Our Mission

The mission of SafeSpace Delaware is to provide a safe environment and restore hope and stability to the most vulnerable and underserved.


Who was "Rick" VanStory?

Ricardo "Rick" VanStory was a case manager for Horizon House Delaware. Rick consistently demonstrated the dedication, compassion, and enormous heart that made all the difference in the lives of the participants he served, that inspired his coworkers to do their best each and every day, and that fostered leadership and empowerment among all who knew him.

Even as he courageously faced the bone cancer that would claim his life, Rick remained a constant source of hope and strength; paired with the dignity and grace with which he lived every day of his life, these qualities are the legacy he has left us. 

Rick passed away on July 23,2007, but his memory lives on through the work we continue in his spirit, and the building we dedicate in his name, on the day that would have been his 47th birthday, the Rick VanStory Resource Center, established March 23, 2009.

Beaman Safe Space Emergency Shelter


Two donors (anonymous) have made $5,000 Challenge Grants to help ensure that our Beaman Safe Space Emergency Shelter is operational through this winter. Challenge gifts will go toward keeping our doors open for many homeless individuals during March 2018. The Challenge Gifts that the donors made will cover February 2018.

Contributions in excess of $10,000 will go towards providing hot meals for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or combination of these three meals.

REMINDER: Please mark your gift in the memo section as "Challenge Gift" so we can let the donors know our status. Donations made before December 31, 2017 may be eligible for tax considerations for this calendar year. Acknowledgements will be sent out for all donations received.

Click on this link go to our donation page or click on HERE!

Thank you for your consideration.